Sunday, 17 February 2013

24 week belly picture

24 weeks!!! Yahoo! Did my gestational glucose challenge today, and thankfully, passed! No diabetes here. I celebrated by eating a nice large slice of Xander's birthday cake, complete with thick chocolate icing. :) 
I'm feeling super great, loving every kick. Baby has started having occasional hiccups, or at least that's what it feels like!
Weight gain so far: 14 pounds 
Cravings: chocolate brownies, chocolate cake... you get the idea :)
Name for baby: a major work in progress... unique name suggestions are welcomed!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

23 weeks

This past Thursday we were able to have another ultrasound, to check on baby boy Funk, and everything looks perfect, Praise God for that! He weighed 1 pound 5 oz at that time, which was 22 weeks 5 days. He has been moving around so much more and his kicks are getting so strong now. You can actually see my belly move on the outside when he kicks. All 6 of the kiddos have felt him kicking, which has been really special. They all love to feel him move and ask if he is kicking and if they can feel. Navae is always kissing my belly and tells everyone, that when he comes out only SHE gets to hold him... NO ON ELSE. We will have to work on that one ;)
When Nesha felt the baby moving for the first time, she asked me if he was trying to get out of my tummy. When he kicked really hard, she jumped and said " OH Mom, he's gonna get out of there, I know it!" So cute to see the shock and surprise that a little baby inside my belly can kick her hand so hard!
I'm so very thankful for every kick and sharing these moments with our other kids! They are loving following along in the pregnancy week by week books to see how big the baby is and what he is developing that week. Every Saturday Xander tells me what week we have completed and what week we are entering. Its a super special thing to be sharing with them! Our baby is loved so very much already, not just by us, but by all 6 of his siblings! I am thankful every day for this blessing!!