Monday, 18 March 2013

28 weeks

The last couple have weeks have been a little crazy around here, not pregnancy wise, but Xander, our 8 year old ended up admitted to hospital with Kawasaki disease and then aseptic meningitis from the treatment. I'm happy to say that, Praise God, he is fully recovered and we are home! Very scary stuff.

Since this is a pregnancy blog, I won't write about all the details here. Baby Boy Funk is doing very well. The big thing I have noticed is how much his movements have changed. They have gone from being really wild kicks to more rolling and stretching. Sometimes I can actually feel that its a foot or and elbow moving across my belly. Other times his little bum will push out and I can push a little on it and he will move in response. Its kinda fun to interact! I'm feeling good, so far I have gained 23 pounds. I feel like my appetite has tripled in the last month! The last month has sped by and I am so thankful that this baby is healthy and safe. I look forward to meeting him and wonder what he will look like :) I love feeling him move and I love watching the kids get excited as we get closer!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Meg and Tyler. My first niece or nephew is due in 2 weeks!  So here we are at 38 weeks and 28 weeks! So excited to meet these little babies!