Tuesday, 27 November 2012

12 week update

Personally, I think the baby bump is obvious… apparently to others it is not, but I wanted a photo anyway. I have been in maternity pants since 7 weeks (likely due to the extreme snug fit my regular pants had following 2 go rounds on lupron, drug of weight gain). I am happy to enter the second trimester! (don't they say you feel the best in the secnod trimester????)
I'm still feeling "all day" sickness, but its a lot worse at night. I'm currently attempting to eat what ever happens to not make me want to vomit that particular day, and then crossing it off the list for any further consumption. I feel bad for Jason, he says he has never been so close to being a vegetarian every before… can't do the meat…
Praise God, I've not had anymore bleeding, and I see my high risk obs this week. I might be crazy, but I am SURE that every so often I feel tiny little flutters of movement.  So thankful! 
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Monday, 19 November 2012


Today we had an unplanned ultrasound after having a small bleed yesterday of old blood (too much info?), thankfully we could get in for a scan, and honestly, thought it would be from the twin we lost, as the gestational sac was still seen. Praise Jesus, the baby is doing awesome, growing well, measuring 11 weeks 5 days. The news we didn't expect, placenta previa… a complete one. My placenta is completely over the cervical opening. The doctor said  that it "might" move up, but that we should expect more bleeding, as he could see a collection of old blood, and that it is a situation with risk involved and a "certain level of uncertainty".  All we can do now… reduce my activity, so I went off ER shifts, and get on our knees and pray that the Lord will bless us with this baby being born healthy at term. There's nothing left to do. Rest in the sovereignty of  God, He is in control, not me… I'll admit it, I cried today, but thankfully the baby is fine! We even got to see him or her move its hand in front of its face and squiggle around!
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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Its been quite some time since I posted last and lots has gone on in the mean time!
The day after our first ultrasound scan at 6 weeks, I had bleeding, which was terrifying and devastating as we feared the worst. Thankfully, I very amazing doc came in for me that day and within 2 hours, we saw our baby was alive and well, beating heart and safe inside. There was a second gestational sac seen on ultrasound later, and the bleeding was thought to be from our twin that implanted and started developing, but unfortunately died. Praise the Lord, our little bean is safe and sound. Since that episode, I had a scan at 7 weeks 2 days and 8 weeks 2 days, and everything is going awesome! Baby is growing and developing as expected. Praise GOD! 

First photo is at 8weeks2days

Bottom photo is 7 weeks 2 days

Yesterday we had the privilege of  hearing our baby's heartbeat through the doppler, at 10 weeks 5 days. What an amazing sound! 
Now we are in the weaning support medication stage, as my placenta has taken over making all the hormones this baby needs to survive. Its a little nerve wracking to go from... "don't ever miss this medication, your baby's life depends on it"... to "you can stop now". What? really? are you sure???????? Feels scary to just stop, cold turkey... hence the weaning slower. My butt won't likely miss the daily IM injections, but it does seem weird after almost 4 months of injections, pre and post transfer!
We are so very thankful that things are going well and this babe is growing! Miracle indeed!