Saturday, 22 December 2012

Parvo virus

AKA: slapped cheek disease, or fifth's disease….
I don't love parvo virus, I really, really don't. Too bad for me, because somehow, I wasn't immune to it, and somehow… I got it.
I diagnoses a couple patients with it, plus it's going around like crazy and I work in the clinic and ER seeing a million kids with the runny noses and fevers… you know, a cold, or the symptoms of parvo when most infectious. Once they actually get the rash they aren't infectious anymore.
So what does it mean?? Well if you aren't pregnant, it means nothing. If you are pregnant, there is a very small percentage of babies (about 1/100) that will develop fetal anemia. If left untreated that would be bad, really really bad. (I can't go there, but you can figure it out) Yesterday we went for an ultrasound to make sure the baby isn't showing any signs of anemia, and praise God, everything looked perfect!!! Unfortunately, parvo can cause anemia in the baby for up to 12 weeks post exposure. So, the plan is to do an ultrasound in the city with my dr every week for an additional 8 weeks. We will be skipping next week because I am 16 weeks, and the treatment for anemia, which is in utero blood transfusions to the umbilical vein, can't be done until 18 weeks, so if there was anemia… there would be nothing to be done. Frightening thought. Praying we never need to go that route and that we never, ever see anything but a healthy baby… I know God is in control. It's still scary. I would appreciate prayers for peace and for the baby's health.

So friends and family who live in the city… get ready for weekly visits for the next 8 weeks!

Here are some photos from yesterday's good news scan

Hand and arm

profile looking down

Both baby's feet! You can count all 10 toes!

16 week belly photo coming up!
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Saturday, 8 December 2012

To share or not to share...

The question I have been pondering... do we share with the world that our baby is adopted? Do we share the details of our child's life story? I was pondering this and asked a friend, and she said... What brings God glory? Do that.

We feel strongly that embryo adoption does bring God glory. What I have learned going through this process, is that in the end, no matter what technology we apply, no matter what doctors do, life is still ultimately in the hands of God. Only He decides if an embryo in the womb will implant, and continue to grow and develop, and if that baby will be born into this world. Only God decides if that baby's heart beats or not. No matter what protocol is used, no matter the quality of the embryo given by an embryologist, only God is in control. Our first transfer, we were matched with 7 embryos. Sadly, 4 died on thawing, and 3 were transferred. I had the honor of being a home to them for 3 weeks, and then they went to heaven. This time, we were matched with 3 embryos, 1 did not survive the thaw, 2 were transferred and we lost one. Praise God, He has blessed us with one very healthy baby, who is growing strong. I am very aware of the fact that life is precious and amazing! When we see our baby moving and changing and growing on the ultrasound screen, it never ceases to amaze me that IT ACTUALLY WORKED! All the meds and scans and prep, and the transfer actually worked!!!! There really is a baby in there!
The second thing that has been solidified for me... biology means nothing. I knew that already, knowing how I feel about our Ethiopian born children. But I am again reminded, I forget that this baby isn't genetically related to us in any way. It doesn't matter. I feel exactly the same about this baby as I have about all my children. Embryo adoption is, in my opinion, remarkable. I remember reading about it in a book called Adopted for Life, but I never thought I would live it! I feel blessed to be this baby's mom!

So in the end, what did I decide? In my husband's words... we have nothing to hide, our life is an open book....

Monday, 3 December 2012

Appointment with the obstetrician

Friday we saw the high risk obstetrician, and things went better than expected! She said she is VERY sure that the placenta will move to a safer area by 20 weeks!!! Such awesome news. She will rescan me at 20 weeks for anatomy and for the placental location.
This time, we got to see the baby moving so much! He or she was doing flips in there! We could see hands and feet, spine, face… it's made everything so much more real for us! We are so very blessed!! 
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