Sunday, 20 January 2013

20 weeks

 20 weeks! The halfway mark!
I am feeling really excellent, very little nausea anymore, which means I am starting to gain a little weight, so far 10 pounds total weight gain. Cravings are starting, and often end up in me baking some random delicious treat. Especially loving cinnamon buns and muffins of all kinds! I am carrying this boy high, and feeling tons of strong kicks. I am grateful for each and every kick, they are a blessing! Jason can feel most of them on the outside now as well, which is really special. 
I'm enjoying this pregnancy, and looking forward to seeing this baby boy in 20 weeks or so!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

18 week update

This past Friday we had an ultrasound and appointment with our OB. Above is a profile photo of our little man... that's right, we are having a BOY!!!! So excited!!!! His name will remain a secret until his birthday, but YAHOOOOOO! Now the shopping can begin ;)
The great news is he is perfectly healthy, our ob did our anatomy scan and everything looks as it should be, praise God for that!

Perfect little hands and feet! Its always such a wonder to me, how much difference a few weeks makes, and how amazing it is that this tiny little embryo is now this amazing little baby! God is amazing as He knits together babes in the womb!

On another note, this past week we found out that the lab that did my parvo test had been using a new testing method for testing blood for parvo. After 3 weeks, they realized that the test was too sensitive and they said all the positives from a 2 week span had to be retested. Mine was the only positive that came back as negative when tested on the other test. So, that leaves a lot of questions... am I positive or negative. The implications clinically are huge if my ob assumes that I'm negative but the second test was actually wrong. Long, long, LONG story short... after speaking with the head of the lab, and retesting my blood with another sample all together, my ob feels I am actually negative. So, I won't have to go for weekly ultrasounds. I will go for every 3-4 week scans. Its one of those mess ups in medicine that caused a lot of stress and worry. I'm super thankful that I don't have parvo, but the worry still sometimes creeps in that the lab is wrong AGAIN.

The kids reaction to finding out they are having a little brother was AWESOME! The boys all cheered and jumped up and down, they were SOOOOO happy. The girls sat and plugged their ears... then Navae said, but I want a girl, I don't want a boy. She's fine with it now though, just as long as Aunty has a girl ;)  Its so awesome to watch the kids get involved in this pregnancy. Xander loves looking at the weekly changes in the pregnancy book, and always knows exactly what week I'm in. The kids kiss and hug my belly and can't wait to feel the kicks on the outside.

This little man is active, kicks are getting stronger, and Jason has felt them on the outside a few times. I remain in awe at this little person inside me and thank the Lord daily for this blessing!!!!